ECO100Y, Section L0201, 2015-16

This is the public and unofficial “front end” for the more detailed course website that will eventually be accessible through the University of Toronto Portal (Blackboard). The Portal is the primary (and official) source of information about this course, and should be available in early September.


First Semester
Professor Dwayne Benjamin
150 St. George Street, #150

Second Semester
Jessica Burley
150 St. George Street, #228



Regular lectures are held Mondays and Wednesdays in BT101 at 12:10pm, as well as occasional Fridays (same time and location). The Fridays with lectures will be indicated on the syllabus, and are also held in reserve for make-up lectures, etc. Announcements will be made on the portal if there are any Friday classes besides those already listed on the syllabus.


Starting the second week of classes, students will also attend a weekly one hour tutorials. The available sign-up times, and the procedure for signing up for a tutorial, will be posted on the Portal during the first week of classes.

Required Textbooks

For Microeconomics:

  • Krugman, Wells, Au and Parkinson, Microeconomics (2nd Canadian Edition, 2014)
  • Krugman, et al., Study Guide for Microeconomics (2nd Canadian Edition, 2014)
For Macroeconomics:
  • Christopher Ragan, Macroeconomics, (14th Canadian Edition, 2014)
  • Christopher Ragan, Study Guide for Macroeconomics, (14th Canadian Edition, 2014)


The course syllabus is now available.

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